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I am an absolute tightwad. [13 Feb 2009|03:28am]

I want to install a Bigsby tailpiece to my Les Paul (Don't worry its not a Gibson its a Epiphone so you can stop panicking over deflate in value) I'm wondering if i can do it myself or if i should get someone to do it ?

I'm actually only asking cos i am an absolute tightwad and i dont wanna pay for labor..
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bass amp in disguise [16 Aug 2008|03:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

No posts in a year and a half? Seriously? with 86 members?

I was bored so I thought I would follow up on that post about the Sunn from eBay ('72 Solarus, matching 4x10 cab). Eventually did get it up and running, a lot of drunken times with dad and a soldering iron (oddly enough, we didn't get any scars). Had to build a new feedback loop inside (went by a Fender schematic), put resistors on the tube sockets as they were up to 600V, which is the max KT88s can withstand. Current tube compliment: 2 JJ/Tesla KT88s in the power section, a JJ ECC803S in the preamp, a NOS GE-6AN8A for the phase inverter, and an EHX 12AU7 driving the reverb. Don't use EHX KT88s, they're puny cheap garbage that shoot lightning bolts out under pressure. Tremolo doesn't work, but I have a Rotovibe so I don't really care.

The transformers are fucking huge. Its rated at 60W, sounds like 40 but feels like 100. Most of the power is going to the low end, and the speakers in the corresponding cab are pretty muddy themselves, thinking about replacing the top 2 with Jensens to brighten it up a bit. Its super clean, doesn't break up until about 9, but its not a very usable crunch, I just run it clean and use a fuzz box, plenty of headroom. Practicing in a small garage, I noticed it was hard to make out the frequencies coming from my distortion pedal against the cymbals, and clean I was competing with the bass due to how boomy this damn thing is. I took it to a local coffeeshop-type venue that usually houses full sized indie, jazz and punk bands, was able to crank it there and it rang through clear. Drove the jazz crew out who said we were too loud, but my friends said it could have been louder, no pain in their ears.

Its a decent sounding amp, a higher powered version might be good if you're a guitarist working without a bassist. These are going up in value because of the doom metal crowd discovering them, but the 60W ones aren't even loud enough for that purpose; my other 40-60W amps sound louder than this considerably, but they don't shake the floor as much. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a Super Reverb and run them in stereo, they'd cancel out each other's problems.

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Application [01 Apr 2007|04:09am]

ApplicationCollapse )
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busted ebay treasure! [29 Jan 2007|06:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This could be good for a laugh.

I see a 1972 Sunn Solarus (60W head, KT88/6550s by default, matches my 4x10") going on eBay with a starting bid of $199, nobody's bidding on it, and the poster writes "I turn it on and the tubes light up, but no sound comes out, sold 'as is'". My dad's a geek with a soldering iron, so I figure if its easy enough to fix, I'll just turn him loose on it. I ask the guy when it was last in working condition, he tells me "The previous owners said it worked when they had it. Could it be because I don't have any speakers hooked up to it?"

I laugh and just don't say anything. I win it for $217 which is less than half of what its worth.

So my maybe-broken amp comes today. I throw it on my Sunn 4x10" and all the dimensions are perfect. Its adorable really. Turn it on, hit power, everything lights up, hit standby, "BAHHHHHHH (off)". I yank the tubes out, and ask myself "What idiot put mismatched 6L6s in an amp designed for KT88s and sometimes friendly to EL34s?!" I didn't have any KT88/6550s on hand, but I had 2 pairs of EL34s and figured it was worth a shot.

I get it running. Where's the sound? Oh, the reverb knob is controlling the volume, okay. So what controls the reverb? I wind up finding that the only 2 knobs doing anything are the volume and reverb knobs, and up all the way, I can sing over the bugger. I hit the midboost switch and it goes from practice amp quiet to "HELLO 4 BLOCK RADIUS HOW ARE YOU?!" My guess, some smart ass tried to turn the reverb knob into a master volume knob and fucked up. But since it can output loudly like that, the guts of the thing seem to be fine. I can't drag this beast around for a couple months while I recover from surgery anyway, so its worth the few hundred I saved to just repair it. Hopefully it'll wake up and go "Feed me a Super Reverb!"

Has kind of a cool tone with the EL34s at its unusual low volume though. Sounds like later Earth.

At least it looks cool.Collapse )

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App. [02 Nov 2006|06:16am]

-Name: Holden
-Age: 19
-Years playing: 11
-Favorite artists: (in alphabetical order) Nikhil Banerjee; Be-Bop Deluxe; Cream; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Al Di Meola; Grateful Dead; Udi Hrant; Interpol; Led Zeppelin; Ustad Vilayat Khan; Simon & Garfunkel; Simon Shaheen Al Qantara; &c.
-Most hated artists: Most of the ones you would find on late-night talk shows or Myspace these days.
-Equipment: Carved-top Fender Custom Shop Strat, SSH, more maple than Canada, DiMarzios/Fishman through Fender Cyber-Twin, Fishman Loudbox Performer respectively; a lot of other junk not worth mentioning. Currently saving up for some real gear.
-Favorite scale: Diverse eastern scales.
-Favorite key: C# minor.
-Favorite guitar technique: Uh, getting paid? ...laid? I lose.
-Favorite decade of music: 1967-1977
-List your 5 favorite Guitarists:Jerry Garcia; Blind Willie Johnson; Paco de Lucía; Jimmy Page; Frank Zappa.
-List your 5 favorite axes: Gibson ES 355; sundry '50s Les Pauls; Tom Anderson Atom; Alembic Further; Taylor 814ce.
-What is your favorite solo?: How Many More Times medley from the Royal Albert Hall (on the newer Led Zeppelin DVD)
-5 worst solos you can think of: Pop music "solos"...
-5 most generic bands you can think of: N*Sync; My Chemical Romance; Marilyn Manson; Dixie Chicks; Rolling Stones...
-3 most hated effects: Touch/auto wahs; octaviders; vibratone.
-(this one is for rooney)Do you like Rush? Sure.
-What do you think is shitty music?: Something I can't learn from; some kid's bad poetry; something someone threw together without even thinking it through.
-Your ideal guitar tone: Anything that lets the tonewoods shine through. Fat, barking cleaner tones, e.g. Interpol.
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Traynor sucks. [01 Nov 2006|02:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'd advise everybody to stay away from the newer model amps that Traynor makes, although their 70s stuff is pretty damn rad. Fun little story here.
I guess its slightly longCollapse )

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The return of the legend! [08 Sep 2006|05:37pm]

Guitar Hero Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Plan 35th Anniversary Tour


You REALLY want to go hear him, trust me on this...
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[24 Aug 2006|02:31pm]
is $450 for a semi-newly retubed/refurb'd sunn solarus head?


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[16 Aug 2006|01:03pm]
last chance,

anyone wanna buy my Sovtek MiG-50 for 335 shipped?

i just got it looked at by FJA mods and its awesome

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[22 Jul 2006|11:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anybody know the details on the 10" Sunn Transducer speakers from way back? I've had this Sunn 4x10 for a while now, and the labels on the backs of the magnets are all gone. But having stumbled upon some pictures of the 12" Sunn Transducer speakers, I noticed the same funny shaped magnets, so I think these are the original speakers. I'm mostly wondering the power handling, I'm afraid of blowing them up as they sound really damn good. I throw my 50W 1x12 (Vintage 30) combo on top of this thing, sounds full/loud as hell and I can usually keep up with half stacks. Should probably know what I'm dealing with before I start throwing different heads on top of it. Oh, and I'm certain its a guitar 4x10", its open back and the whole bit.

picturesCollapse )

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[21 Jul 2006|04:14am]
yeah so i just got my Sovtek MiG-50 back from Jerry P. @ FJA mods (www.fjamods.com)



i'm poor as hell, and I need to sell it :(

anyone interested in it before i put it up on ebay, everything is perfect, a few new pots, new circuit work and its cleaned up nice, I spent 350, and then spent another 150 getting it serviced so I'd like to sell it for atleast 350, but anything close would be legit,

if anyone's interested get ahold of me


pics soon
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Marshall Bluesbreaker on Ebay [15 Jul 2006|05:14am]

I just put my Marshall Bluesbreaker Re-issue on Ebay. Maybe someone's interested?

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DONT FFRIGGIN DIE [25 Jun 2006|06:55am]
So my Sovtek MiG-50 is fucked up completely, the knobs dont correspond at all with their said function, for example im pretty sure the treble controls the volume, and if the presence is cranked to full it makes this like high pitched wavey bullshit that hurts my ear.

Is this just a characteristic of dead tubes or is my head f'd in the a?

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English Muff'n [28 May 2006|09:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Don't die community! At least you always speak when spoken too.

Anyway, anybody checked out the new English Muff'n pedal by Electro-Harmonix? I checked out the sound samples and liked what I heard, but wanted some opinions from players. I think EHX makes the best stomp boxes around, but I was never particularly a fan of the Big Muff, loses too many frequencies for my taste, if I were playing stoner rock it'd be great though. This pedal is supposed to be kind of like a Marshall plexi in a box (has a pair of preamp tubes sticking out the top of it), my Traynor YCV50Blue is already designed to be more like a modernized-classic Marshall before you hit the booster, and I'm kind of curious of what it would be like to use a british style preamp/overdrive pedal with an already british sounding amp. Double 70s? The rock sound I've been developing with my new project has been sounding like an early 90s band trying to be a 70s one, so this might fit me perfect. If any of you own this or have tried it at a music store or something, I'd like opinions, especially on how it interacts with an amp that's already distorting. I don't think anybody in my area deals in EHX, I just know that being a Memory Man owner, they generally rule.

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Sunn? [18 Apr 2006|08:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've noticed a revival of Sunn amplification, primarily with experimental artists in the metal scene. At a recent Isis performance, I saw Aaron Turner using a pair of Sunn heads to drive his full stack, I believe Isis used to use Mesa (which I dislike). Sounded great. The rather awesome and loud art-rock group Pelican, who is on Turner's label, also used Mesa, but the flier for their upcoming tour with Mono (see here) centers on a picture of a Model T head. Also, there is a band called Sunn0))) named after the damn logo.

Have any of you played through a Sunn amp? They're still going for cheap on Ebay, I might pick one up before this trend continues and they become quite expensive. If this keeps up, its probably just a matter of time before Fender reissues the Model T again and retails it for as much as a Marshall. My interest has come recently from a indie store find, I scored a Sunn 4x10" cab (see here) that I threw under my Traynor combo, and I love the sound of it. If any of you have any info on this cab, that would be cool too, it seems like its kind of rare and didn't stay in production very long. Its a guitar 4x10", only cost me $175, and I haven't blown the vintage speakers even with the massive amounts of fuzz I'm using at times.

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[04 Apr 2006|08:59pm]

Say you wanted to buy a guitar, take it apart, and part it out on eBay for a profit. What kind of guitar would you buy? Obviously you'd start with a bolt neck something or other, but where would you go from there? What brand/type/etc? I'm thinking about trying this.
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being a smart ass [26 Mar 2006|11:51pm]

[ mood | bored ]

You guys will either hate me or love me for this.

Ever been left alone with a PA and a bad idea? Shit happens. Countless times I've been in the car with somebody listening to something like The Used or Dashboard Confessional, plugged my nose and started wailing "I'M TIRED OF LIVING IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT!" Well, the other night I decided to be a REAL asshole, turn that into an actual song, make a MySpace for it, and start adding every stupid teeny bopper with their hair covering one eye. I've since been defending it like it was serious.

So I'm going to do something unusual and share with you myself playing BADLY. I basically took 5 minutes to throw 2 lame riffs together, played lead off time and out of key, and whined, whined, whined. I figured admist all the elitism, it might be cool to demonstrate that one also knows how to suck? That and nobody else is posting anything =/

Before Sunday Turns Into Autumn and the Tears Fall from Her Razor Blade Wrists

At least I crack myself up.

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[07 Mar 2006|11:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

My bandmate and I are now roommates. So now that daily life has transformed into one long drunken session of band practice, this is what has become of our living room...

I'm not cleaning this mess.Collapse )

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-Application [14 Feb 2006|01:41am]

ApplicationCollapse )
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[21 Jan 2006|12:30am]

Does anyone know where I can get free tablature? I used to use mxtabs.net but now the site is sputnickmusic.com. I've tried tabcrawler.com but I find it doesn't always have everything I'm always looking for.
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