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I've noticed a revival of Sunn amplification, primarily with experimental artists in the metal scene. At a recent Isis performance, I saw Aaron Turner using a pair of Sunn heads to drive his full stack, I believe Isis used to use Mesa (which I dislike). Sounded great. The rather awesome and loud art-rock group Pelican, who is on Turner's label, also used Mesa, but the flier for their upcoming tour with Mono (see here) centers on a picture of a Model T head. Also, there is a band called Sunn0))) named after the damn logo.

Have any of you played through a Sunn amp? They're still going for cheap on Ebay, I might pick one up before this trend continues and they become quite expensive. If this keeps up, its probably just a matter of time before Fender reissues the Model T again and retails it for as much as a Marshall. My interest has come recently from a indie store find, I scored a Sunn 4x10" cab (see here) that I threw under my Traynor combo, and I love the sound of it. If any of you have any info on this cab, that would be cool too, it seems like its kind of rare and didn't stay in production very long. Its a guitar 4x10", only cost me $175, and I haven't blown the vintage speakers even with the massive amounts of fuzz I'm using at times.
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