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English Muff'n

Don't die community! At least you always speak when spoken too.

Anyway, anybody checked out the new English Muff'n pedal by Electro-Harmonix? I checked out the sound samples and liked what I heard, but wanted some opinions from players. I think EHX makes the best stomp boxes around, but I was never particularly a fan of the Big Muff, loses too many frequencies for my taste, if I were playing stoner rock it'd be great though. This pedal is supposed to be kind of like a Marshall plexi in a box (has a pair of preamp tubes sticking out the top of it), my Traynor YCV50Blue is already designed to be more like a modernized-classic Marshall before you hit the booster, and I'm kind of curious of what it would be like to use a british style preamp/overdrive pedal with an already british sounding amp. Double 70s? The rock sound I've been developing with my new project has been sounding like an early 90s band trying to be a 70s one, so this might fit me perfect. If any of you own this or have tried it at a music store or something, I'd like opinions, especially on how it interacts with an amp that's already distorting. I don't think anybody in my area deals in EHX, I just know that being a Memory Man owner, they generally rule.
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