Blake William (superzapper) wrote in realguitars,
Blake William

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Does anybody know the details on the 10" Sunn Transducer speakers from way back? I've had this Sunn 4x10 for a while now, and the labels on the backs of the magnets are all gone. But having stumbled upon some pictures of the 12" Sunn Transducer speakers, I noticed the same funny shaped magnets, so I think these are the original speakers. I'm mostly wondering the power handling, I'm afraid of blowing them up as they sound really damn good. I throw my 50W 1x12 (Vintage 30) combo on top of this thing, sounds full/loud as hell and I can usually keep up with half stacks. Should probably know what I'm dealing with before I start throwing different heads on top of it. Oh, and I'm certain its a guitar 4x10", its open back and the whole bit.

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