S. Holden Kessler, Esq. (warkie) wrote in realguitars,
S. Holden Kessler, Esq.


-Name: Holden
-Age: 19
-Years playing: 11
-Favorite artists: (in alphabetical order) Nikhil Banerjee; Be-Bop Deluxe; Cream; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Al Di Meola; Grateful Dead; Udi Hrant; Interpol; Led Zeppelin; Ustad Vilayat Khan; Simon & Garfunkel; Simon Shaheen Al Qantara; &c.
-Most hated artists: Most of the ones you would find on late-night talk shows or Myspace these days.
-Equipment: Carved-top Fender Custom Shop Strat, SSH, more maple than Canada, DiMarzios/Fishman through Fender Cyber-Twin, Fishman Loudbox Performer respectively; a lot of other junk not worth mentioning. Currently saving up for some real gear.
-Favorite scale: Diverse eastern scales.
-Favorite key: C# minor.
-Favorite guitar technique: Uh, getting paid? ...laid? I lose.
-Favorite decade of music: 1967-1977
-List your 5 favorite Guitarists:Jerry Garcia; Blind Willie Johnson; Paco de Lucía; Jimmy Page; Frank Zappa.
-List your 5 favorite axes: Gibson ES 355; sundry '50s Les Pauls; Tom Anderson Atom; Alembic Further; Taylor 814ce.
-What is your favorite solo?: How Many More Times medley from the Royal Albert Hall (on the newer Led Zeppelin DVD)
-5 worst solos you can think of: Pop music "solos"...
-5 most generic bands you can think of: N*Sync; My Chemical Romance; Marilyn Manson; Dixie Chicks; Rolling Stones...
-3 most hated effects: Touch/auto wahs; octaviders; vibratone.
-(this one is for rooney)Do you like Rush? Sure.
-What do you think is shitty music?: Something I can't learn from; some kid's bad poetry; something someone threw together without even thinking it through.
-Your ideal guitar tone: Anything that lets the tonewoods shine through. Fat, barking cleaner tones, e.g. Interpol.
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