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being a smart ass

You guys will either hate me or love me for this.

Ever been left alone with a PA and a bad idea? Shit happens. Countless times I've been in the car with somebody listening to something like The Used or Dashboard Confessional, plugged my nose and started wailing "I'M TIRED OF LIVING IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT!" Well, the other night I decided to be a REAL asshole, turn that into an actual song, make a MySpace for it, and start adding every stupid teeny bopper with their hair covering one eye. I've since been defending it like it was serious.

So I'm going to do something unusual and share with you myself playing BADLY. I basically took 5 minutes to throw 2 lame riffs together, played lead off time and out of key, and whined, whined, whined. I figured admist all the elitism, it might be cool to demonstrate that one also knows how to suck? That and nobody else is posting anything =/

Before Sunday Turns Into Autumn and the Tears Fall from Her Razor Blade Wrists

At least I crack myself up.
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