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busted ebay treasure!

This could be good for a laugh.

I see a 1972 Sunn Solarus (60W head, KT88/6550s by default, matches my 4x10") going on eBay with a starting bid of $199, nobody's bidding on it, and the poster writes "I turn it on and the tubes light up, but no sound comes out, sold 'as is'". My dad's a geek with a soldering iron, so I figure if its easy enough to fix, I'll just turn him loose on it. I ask the guy when it was last in working condition, he tells me "The previous owners said it worked when they had it. Could it be because I don't have any speakers hooked up to it?"

I laugh and just don't say anything. I win it for $217 which is less than half of what its worth.

So my maybe-broken amp comes today. I throw it on my Sunn 4x10" and all the dimensions are perfect. Its adorable really. Turn it on, hit power, everything lights up, hit standby, "BAHHHHHHH (off)". I yank the tubes out, and ask myself "What idiot put mismatched 6L6s in an amp designed for KT88s and sometimes friendly to EL34s?!" I didn't have any KT88/6550s on hand, but I had 2 pairs of EL34s and figured it was worth a shot.

I get it running. Where's the sound? Oh, the reverb knob is controlling the volume, okay. So what controls the reverb? I wind up finding that the only 2 knobs doing anything are the volume and reverb knobs, and up all the way, I can sing over the bugger. I hit the midboost switch and it goes from practice amp quiet to "HELLO 4 BLOCK RADIUS HOW ARE YOU?!" My guess, some smart ass tried to turn the reverb knob into a master volume knob and fucked up. But since it can output loudly like that, the guts of the thing seem to be fine. I can't drag this beast around for a couple months while I recover from surgery anyway, so its worth the few hundred I saved to just repair it. Hopefully it'll wake up and go "Feed me a Super Reverb!"

Has kind of a cool tone with the EL34s at its unusual low volume though. Sounds like later Earth.

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